Didactic Vision at Toddlers Huis

Respect is the core of our didactic vision. Our staff works on building a relationship of trust with the children through a positive approach based on consistent behavior and respect.

Respect means accepting each other as we are. Our staff works to demonstrate this first and foremost through their own actions and behavior. What the children see plays a major role in their own development of respect towards themselves and others.

Our staff provides direction and sometimes correction. Always with care and respect.

Contact with the parents

We maintain contact both personally and through writing. Whenever you come to pick up or drop off your child, we have an opportunity to talk about how your child is doing. Good communication between our staff and you is the foundation of excellent childcare.

We also send out a newsletter periodically to inform you of developments at Toddlers Huis. You can also follow us via Facebook.

What can you expect from Het Toddlers Huis:

The three pillars of our didactic vision

Positive approach

Our staff always looks out for the best for your child. We look at what your child’s abilities and preferences are. Then, we encourage the child to explore, play and develop in accordance with their unique personality. Sometimes by complimenting them, sometimes a pat on the back. When children display mischievous behavior we impose strict boundaries, always with care and respect.


Our qualified staff is first and foremost passionate about working with children. This means they work with the children by demonstrating affection and loving attention – showing a willingness to be there for the children. To be available. We aim to create a open and approachable attitude by providing a warm and safe environment. Our leading question is: ‘How can we help the child feel welcome?’


As any parent knows, structure is crucial in working with children. This provides the feeling of safety and routine that allows them to freely explore, play and develop. We offer structure by working with a fixed daily routine, setting coming and going routines, and by providing clear boundaries. Structure is the first pillar under a warm and safe environment.

Other information

Toddlers Huis aims to provide you the best service tailored to your- and your child’s needs. Together we set up a contract suitable to your needs, be it fixed or flexible.

We are open on working days from 07:00 AM to 06:30 PM. On official holidays and the last week of the year (between Christmas and New Year’s Day) Toddlers Huis is closed.

Admission of your child can be arranged in days upon first visit. You are free to drop off and pick up your child at your time of convenience. We always allow rescheduling or adding childcare to the existing contract.

When your child is ill, we contact you whether pick-up is necessary. We are audited annually for safety and hygiëne by the municipal health authorities and the fire brigade.

Contact us

Phone: 050 577 23 96
Email: Info@toddlershuis.nl

Feel free to visit our daycare

Wish to meet and see Toddlers Huis?

Feel free to contact us for further questions or a tour. No need to speak Dutch, we are happy to show and tell your all about Toddlers Huis.

We happily provide you with a tour and tell you about our daycare. We can understand you first wish to see Het Toddlers Huis and see how we work.

We can tell you about how our daycare works, how we care for your child, the daily schedules, the sleeping facilities, where the children play and, if applicable, who picks your child up from school. Just ask and we will answer any questions you might have.

We hope to see you and your child(ren) soon at Het Toddlers Huis!